insight of self aware May-2018

insight of self aware May-2018

2018/06/05insight of self aware



Today’s my class for freshman of my university was about “Face”.

I am doing experiment in my class named “the way to change perspective to the world” every week.

Today I did the workshop about human faces using pictures of students.

2weeks ago, students brought their pictures when they were under 5 years old. I made pairs of students, and directed them to select their picture of each other.

We can find the fact human face is changing gradually, and our faces depend on our images.


I attended “the annual conference of landscape architecture” in KYOTO university this year.

Some of my acquaintances were awarded in this conference, I want to admire them.

And also I was so happy to be put my book “Design of perspective” on the corner of this conference.

Because I thought that my book might be seemed not to be matched with this conference. I hope that many people related to his conference will read my book.



I had posted 7 texts and 7images in Instagram of Invisible Curator as the first digital residential artist in this week.

This project started from Amsterdam, and each artists who picked up as digital residency will post their concept behind their art works.

In my case, I introduced my concept of “flow design” fusioned with “design of perspective”, “phenomenal art”, “traveling globe”, “Buddhism Science” and “sacred geometry”, with shaffle readings.

All English and Japanese texts and pictures were made by me.

It was very good opportunity to dig my unconciousness.

Heart full thanks for the curator Melih Gencboyaci!!


Now in the 21st century, it became difficult to separate physics from psychology after the establishment of quantum physics or molecular biology.

In quantum physics, the position of atoms is an issue of probability, and it is always moving. Our body consisted of numerous cells is also changing shapes. And the advanced science is getting the hypothesis that the force of shaping these tiny material is our consciousness.

We estimate the power of our consciousness or imagination small, but it strongly influences the reality of landscape.

When we are sleep, we think the landscape in our dream is real. However we can’t say the real landscape is not dream.

Landscape is created by not only physical factor such as ground, vegetation and structures. Normally design means these physical elements. But landscape is decided by the other factor. It is psychological factor including our perspective or imagination. Our mind makes the truth of landscape we see, and our will makes our reality of the world. A will doesn’t mean ego, and it means our imagination to future. So if we design true landscape, all we have to do is to design our perspective.


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Thoughts, words and image by Chikahiro Hanamura @flwmoon

shuffleread: Design of Perspective by Chikahiro Hanamura @flwmoon .



the first online residency by Chikahiro Hanamura of instagram digital residency space @invisable_curator comes slowly but surely to the end, please follow on Instagram and read the journey till now

We have lived in the “settlement society”. This society is based on the civilization created together with the beginning of agriculture ten thousand years ago. By the time we were drifting and hunting in the wilderness, we probably felt that everything around was changing. Compared with the “hunting society”, “farming society” is relatively stable, and we had obtained the sense of circulation time. Still everything was changing, but we knew that the same time would come like a cycle.

As time goes on, however, changes of our society have accelerated, and we have finally entered the world of high velocity movement in this century. Now our mobility is increasing rapidly. It means mobility of information, mobility of money, and mobility of products. In this information society, our consciousness runs around the world all the time leaped from physical constraints.

Not only that, our physical mobility is also spreading all over the world in particular in this 10 years. In 2020, it is said that over 1.6billion tourists will get in the world. Such a “flowing society” will definitely change the form of our life.

All of our universe is process and changing. No matter how much we desire to not change, everything is inevitable to change to another form. The same applies to not only natural phenomena but also social phenomena.

#earth #shapes #movement #flowing #society #art #shufflereadingbooks#water #digitalencounter #sacred #geometry

#japan #netherlands #landscapeart #performanceart #digtalresidemcy#artisttoartist #follow #digitalencounter #performanceart #process #instaart#instator

Thoughts, words and image by Chikahiro Hanamura @flwmoon

shuffleread: Mobilities by John Urry



This is the 5th day’s post as a digital residential artist in invisible curator.


Fifth day post :

The most important thing among “flowing” in this world is where we came from and where we are going to.

Life is always flowing. However we don’t know before birth and after death. We have no idea why we are born and die.

Buddha thought about the reasons. In his period, reincarnation which is the concept we are reborn after death was common sense in India.

Buddha thought our life has 4 different suffering: as birth, aging, ill and death. It is easy to understand sufferings of the latter 3 things. However it is hard to understand why “birth” is a suffering.

According to his logic, all our suffering comes from our birth. So if we are not born again, we will never have sufferings.

Buddha found the way to get out from this reincarnation. It is called nirvana.

And he concluded that we are born due to “dukkha” in the Pali language. Dukkha was normally translated into pain” or “suffering”. But I think it should be translated “Dissatisfaction”.

Why are we born again after death? Because we have the feeling of Dissatisfaction. While we have a desire to the perfection, we are never satisfied. This energy makes us the direction to be reborn. So if we are satisfied every moment, we may never be born again. Buddha thought this recognition and situation is the nirvana. In other words, this can be said to be a way to stop the flow of movement.

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Thoughts, words and image by Chikahiro Hanamura @flwmoon

shuffleread: Hidden Mysteries by Osho


Posting on the 4 th day as a digital residence artist of invisible curator.



fourth day post

The most basic flow in this planet is water. The surface of the Earth is covered with water, and we can find water any places on the Earth. We know 60% of our body is water. We can’t live 3 days if we don’t drink water, so any life being need water.

Water is circulating horizontally and vertically. Water is traveling in long distance from mountain to sea, and sea makes clouds which is a different form of water. So, we can say that all life is connected by water, from inside of the body to the huge ocean.

Water has the character of changing forms, and densities depend on temperature. Water is also a very sensitive media of vibration. These nature of water creates energy to life.

The earth is getting 3 different energy from inside and outside. Most biggest one is coming from the Sun, and second biggest one is coming from the core of the Earth. These 2 energies are made of fire. The last one is coming from the moon, and it influences water flow like tide of sea or blood of our body by vibration. We are missing this influence.

Now, our world depends on the technology of fire which is made by fuel and nuclear collapse. But if we change our energy producing by using water vortex power, we could create the new civilization of coexist with nature.

#earth #shapes #movement #geometry #art #shufflereadingbooks #water#digitalencounter #sacred #geometry

#japan #netherlands #landscapeart #performanceart #digtalresidemcy#artisttoartist #follow #digitalencounter #performanceart #process #instaart#instator

Thoughts, words and image by Chikahiro Hanamura @flwmoon

shuffleread: Hidden Nature: The Startling Insights Of Victor Schauberger by Alick Bartholomew


today on instagram account @invisible_curator:

third day post :

From ancient times, people have fascinated with the magical numbers and shapes hidden in nature.

A prime number, golden ratio and Fibonacci sequence. These kind of mathmatical concept coming from hidden order of nature are called sacred geometry.

Ancient people in all over the world constructed sacred site using the concept of sacred geometry like pyramid or stone henge. Or they had composed music using these harmonized numbers such like integer.

This sacred geometry had been derived from the form of nature. So from the structure of DNA to the form of galaxy, sacred geometrical order seems to be ruled their shape.

However, to be precise, it is a bit different. These order certainly guides to the form of nature, but it is always imperfect. The spiral form of nautilus seems like the golden ratio, but it is imperfect ratio in detail.

Growth and evolution of life is heading to perfect number and geometry. However it will never reach to the perfect.

The secret of nature is that life will be never satisfied forever. That’s why all life heads to the evolution.

Thoughts and words by Chikahiro Hanamura @flwmoon

shuffleread: Sacred Geometry by Stephen Skinner

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second day post :

Physical law applies everywhere in the universe. Everything is shaped by natural law and changing in the cycle of causality. In other words, our universe is phenomenon of movements, and movements shape our universe such as water, clouds, fire, and land with each time scale. Our bodies are constructed with numerous cells, and cells are renewing until the moments our lives come to the end. According to the thermodynamics scientist named Adrian Bejan, these movements are followed by one single law. It is called “Constructal Law”. This law is very simple, but it is the most fundamental. Design of form in every phenomenon follows along natural flow. All of the shapes, shape of tree, shape of river, shape of animal, and shape of thunder is following this same law.

Thoughts and words by Chikahiro Hanamura @flwmoon

shufflereaded : Design in Nature: How the Constructal Law Governs Evolution in Biology, Physics, Technology, and Social Organizations by Adrian Bejan & J. Peder Zane

#earth #shapes #movement #geometry #art #shufflereadingbooks#digitalencounter

#japan #netherlands #landscapeart #performanceart #digtalresidemcy#artisttoartist #follow #digitalencounter #performanceart #process #instaart#instator



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First post !

“The Earth” is the most biggest landscape in the world.At this year we are just getting to the half century since human had the first experience of seeing the landscape of the Earth from outside by Apollo 8. After then, we know all beings are always living on the surface of this same planet.So, we always should start our thinking from the Earth when we create something. When we create something, it will influence not only itself but the rest of the Earth. When we draw one triangle on the ground, we are dividing the surface of the Earth into 2 parts. When we perform something, we are giving energy to the rest of the Earth and also are taking energy from it at the same time. We should always have an idea that we are part of the Earth and the universe.

Thoughts and words by Chikahiro Hanamura @flwmoon

shufflereaded : Critical path by Richard Buckminster Fuller


In this holidays, I joined a meditation retreat camp of Buddhism for a kind of my fieldwork.

Last year I was in Europe, so I meditated 12 hours a day in 7days for the first time in a year.

I discussed with the Buddhism priest of Theravada several times and my thoughts is advancing rapidly.

My idea of “Design of perspective” is influenced by the concept of Buddha. Buddhism is not religion but huge wisdom of universe and it is advanced science connecting with physics and psychology.

So I accept the logic of Buddhism except for “one thing”. That is the central core of Buddhism but I think it is only religious issue which we need to believe. I still can’t understand by several discussion with the priest.

Only about this central thing, we can understand not by thinking but by doing.



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