insight of self aware June-2018

insight of self aware June-2018

2018/07/02insight of self aware

If we have fairness and large heart without any desire and anger in mind, we will get the right way.

Let’s try to have appreciation for someone rather than having expectations.

Let’s try to do action rather than saying many words.

Let’s try to do our best rather than excusing ourselves.

Let’s try to permit someone rather than criticizing him.

Let’s try to find things someone did for me rather than gazing things they did not.

Let’s try to help someone rather than depending on him.

Let’s try to walk step by step. Even if let’s try to stand up by ourselves when we fall down.

If we can’t stand up by ourselves, let’s try to rely on someone a little bit.

If we can’t move at all, let’s try to leave our body on the ground.

We are surrounded with someone when we born. However we have to leave alone when we will die.

So let’s try to hope someone will be free during we are living.

Let’s try to design our perspective rather than try to design someone’s perspective.

If we had never live like this way, let’s try to live from today.


We concentrate on increasing our options we can choose. So we are forgetting the option we can quit to choose. We think which direction we should move. So we never think we shouldn’t move.

We consider what we will eat. So we can’t have the idea we reduce eating.

Perhaps maturation does not mean expanding but may mean decreasing.


In today’s class, I tried the workshop of mental test named “Egogyo” from the chapter 9 of my book “Design of Perspective”.

Egogyo is based on the theory of Egogram by the psychologist Eric Berne.

Along this theory, Tetsuhide Tomita combined with the Chinese concept of Yin-Yang and the five elements.

We all have five different mind in our unconsciousness.

These are “Free child”, “Nurture parents”, “Critical parents”, “Adapted child”and “Adult”.

These five mind are converted into five natural elements like “fire”, “soil”, “metal”, “water” and “wood”.

We can analyze our mind and perspective by using this five elements balance.

This method is very useful for analyzing and designing our perspective.

If you have interest it, please check my book.


I got to Chiba.



Today we had the guest Ms. Mariko Kida in my studio. She is a excellent dancer in Stockholm, and she won “Prix Benois de la Danse” in 2014.

It is 2nd time to meet and talk each other, but we spent really nice time.

Thanks for Mr. Miyazaki 宮崎 要輔 for giving the opportunity to introduce us.



Recently I am getting finding the reason that I have felt the word of “community” is something different.

I might be interested not in “community”, but I am very interested in “co-creation”.

These are looked like similar but are big difference. Co-creation means anybody can contribute something if they join it. It doesn’t mean the attitude of waiting benefits without effort.

Previous my lecture “The lesson for changing perspective to the world” in my university was the topic of “Face”.

We think our face is our identity. However it has been changing gradually. So it is getting hard to identify same person as time goes by. Face depends on our imagination. If the face maintain same image, we can identify it even if it is totally different shape. And we can’t identify same face if it makeup. Face is very interesting issue.


Coincidentally I might relate with the contemporary art performance group “GUTAI”.

I almost have never known about them and thier activities.

That is why I can throw them good questions for them, some of artist said to me.

I should study about them or not…

They are very famous but I didn’t t know them.

We are apt to overlook important things that lie near at hand.

Maybe I am not interested in the category of art itself.



Now I am considering next my art work in a museum. Recently I might be focusing on Hydrodynamics.

I guess my motivation to create something might be just only curiosity to nature including human being.

I have desire not to express but to have desire for understanding it deeply.



Today is the 5th anniversary from my brother’s death. My family gathered, and we had ceremony for him.

In this 5 years, I had diped my mind into sadness. But I think it is time of the turning point that I should stand up and walk in forward.

He was 30 years old when he died. My father past away 27 years ago.

Everyone can’t avoid their own death.

That’s why it is very important that we spend full of our daily lives.

We will soon live for the future, live in tied up in the past. However we should live in the moment.


Nature can give energy to the world.

Artists can catch inspiration from energy.

Philosophers can think about reasons of inspiration.

Scientists can find law from reason.

Engineers can convert law to technic.

Designers can create interface from technic.

Businessman can provide interface to everyone.

By the way, what can we do?

We could give energy to nature.



I have many ideas. But most of people don’t want to listen it. Even if they listen to my ideas, they don’t want to understand it. Even if they understand it, they don’t want to accept it. And even if they accept it, they don’t want to do it. Almost people see the fact along their own “wants” as they prefer. So even if my idea is right and effective, when my idea is not match their wants, sometimes I should keep silent.



At the aquarium of Kagoshima, I was thinking of beautiful scape into the sea. Why we are keep on throwing trash into sea.

As a result of wandering around Fukuoka City, I found a person finally I would like to meet.

I really appreciate Dr. Koichiro Sugiyama.


I finished the field work at Kirishima Jingu.

It is not so big Shrines but I had interesting experience.

I couldn’t understand the meaning of territorial land mark and ceremonial behavior when we enter Shinto Shrines before.

But I might found the reason why we need it.

I am satisfied, so I leave to Kagoshima even if I have more time for research.

It was very exciting time in research conference of Shikakeology in Aquarium of Kagoshima.

We had discussions about Shikake design for Aquarium.

Especially we were discussing about the last exhibit named “Silent sea” which is empty blue show case.

It is very conceptual exhibit which means no life being in sea because of our destruction.

I think it is kind of contemporary art.

I pointed out that nature museum such as Aquarium differ from art museum.

Nature museum needs answer and explanation for understanding knowledge. However comtempirary art museum don’t need answer but need question.

Basically, Shikake is used for solution, so it is difficult to be used for questions.

But I think sometimes we need question for true solutions.


During journey to Kagoshima, I studied about sacred sites of Kyushu.

I had never learned Kyushu before, but it is very interesting legends and histories.

I am going to Kagoshima from Fukuoka.

This is first time for me to take a Kyushu Shinkansen.

I arrived at Hakata station!


I am flying to Fukuoka from Niigata.

I started my workshop named “Data Scape” in Niigata.

This idea is came from my experiment project when I was a researcher of Osaka university.

I have the opportunity to collaborate with people belonging government of Niigata city and prefecture as workshop members.

Before I explained my concept, aim and method, I did dialogues with each members, and I understood their character.

It is very important process for team building.

I have been considering this workshop in 10years, so I hope it will be very exciting workshop.

In this time, it is the 5th times my presentation of “design of perspective” in Niigata.

But most of audiences are first time to see my presentation.

I always talk over 2 hours unconsciously because I have too much to give messages.


I am going to Niigata for doing workshop in the art festival.It is the first time to board the airplane after I came back to Japan.

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