insight of self aware April-2018

insight of self aware April-2018

2018/05/05insight of self aware


I visited the exhibition in the gallery named “basement ginza”.

This is portraits of 7 persons by photographs and paintings. My friend Sahel Rosa is one of models of these portraits.She had been painted the image of peacock on her body and it was so beautiful.

I visited the National Science Museum to see “Human Body Exhibition”.

It was quite interesting because I just did the performance named “Body in Food” at the gallery in Barcelona last February. I am thinking of the life environment design from the innerscape design.


Today I had a talk session on the stage of “Noh” which is the traditional performing art in Japan with Tsutomu Iijima who is a branding concepter, Ayumu Teida who is a film directer for native tribes and Munenori Takeda who is a Noh performer.We shared and eschanged a lot of message with each other about art, science and spirituality for creating new world.Many thanks for all of the people.


I finished the meeting for new series of article on a website.


I visited the temple named “Kaburai-ji” in Sanda. It had been rebuilt for the esoteric Buddhism temple in 60years ago but I heard it’s origin is coming from 5th or 6th centuries.

They have the fire ceremony of praying on every 22nd of month, so many people were gathering in this temple today.

I think it is the special place has the power of geographic energy.


I bought a bust of Dr. Sigmund Freud at the museum in Vienna. Dr.Freud would remind me that my behavior always comes from my unconscious.


“Chaos” is the different concept from “Random”.Everything in this universe is mapped between cosmos and randomness , and chaos is located in the middle.Since life phenomena are based on chaos basically, it can respond flexibly based on order.


I might like sociologist Georg Simmel because if he is not Reducingist.He must have thought that social phenomenon is not coming from consisted numerous small social elements.He realized the difference between “flow” and “flux”.


I have a class for new students of 1st degree in Osaka prefecture University.For this year, I gave the title “the lesson for changing perspective on the world” to this class.Now they just had graduated from each high school.If they want to pass the examination for university, they needed to choose answers for the questions which are already given. But from now, sometimes they can’t find the single answer from selection which are given.In addition, we have often the situations there is no answer in all over the world.So we have to learn how we can set questions before we are going to solve it.In this class, I will try to “Applied Philosophy” by art method.


I dropped in at the office of Re:public which is the innovation design team in TOKYO.


Sahel Rosa take in hand my first book “Design of Perspective”.i have been tring the experiment which everybody take one bookmark from 100 pieces. Each bookmark has each words come from my book.She took the number 80. It is that “We need extraordinary time for setting our perspective from distance because our perspective is easy to be stacking in ordinary time.”In Japan, I am also a foreigner like her. So sometimes our existence might shake ordinary perspective of people in Japan.

I finished greetings on the stage of TOKYO Love story movie festival with the actress Sahel Rosa, the writer Chiaki Kawahito and Keishi Suenaga the director.

I appreciate all people coming.

I visited the photo exhibition titled “Micro Cosmos” at Ricoh Gallery in Ginza.

The Photographer is Bin Kitayama who joined my lecture in November.

He took close photos of liquid or object surrounding us and turned it into art like landscape.

I think it is most directly design of perspective. This exhibition will last for 13th May, please check it.


Tomorrow I will greet on the stage of TOKYO Love story film festival.

I was acting in the film titled “cold feet” with the actress Sahel Rosa and it is selected this film festival.

It is 1 and half years since I met Sahel, so I am very happy to meet her.

Now again I am reading the book about the theory of “Morphogenetic field” by Sheldrake. Because i have been thinking about design character of sacred site in this 5 years.

He explains about the reason of biological form not only by molecular science but by metaphysical factor. It used to be seemed suspected science but if we had the perspective of Buddhism, it is very clearly explanation.

For next step, I am curious about the relationship of it to the theory of Morphology by Goethe. In this 15 years, I am wandering around social sciences but I might be going back to natural science again.

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